Web Developer

Business Outsourcing Solutions delivers quality outsourcing solutions for international clients who have been delegating business back office projects. Our staff are creative, persistent, hard working and prompt in finishing client based projects.

One of the most in demand projects that needs to be done and requested by clients is the establishment of web sites and are done by web developers. Web devs or web developers are solely responsible for conceptualizing, designing, creating, developing as well as optimizing the websites.

Key services that includes in website development that our creative web devs catering our clients are:

  • Content Management System
  • Creating web applications
  • Web customization
  • Web optimization
  • Web portal development
  • Internet Strategy Development
  • E-commerce

Our company is also open for applicants who are intersted to become part of our Web dev team. Qualifications are as follows:

  • BSCS or MSCS graduate
  • PHP program integration
  • MySQL development
  • Java scripting
  • Regular Site Maintenance
  • Demonstrates creativity, technical and analytical skills
  • Experience with software applications such as Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Coldfusion Server, Oracle and others.
  • With good and effective business communication skills