Virtual Assistant

Most business owners nowadays are practicing outsourcing. They likely distribute back office projects to outsourcing business companies that can deliver them efficient, cost-cutting and consistent services. One of the most in demand employee in outsourcing is the virtual assistants, catering clients with quality business solutions.

Business Outsourcing Solutions has the most prolific virtual assistants that clients are looking for. We guarantee our clients hard working professionals that can deliver fast pace turnarounds of tasks. VAs can do administrative, technical, creative and analytical jobs that the business owner requires.

Outlined below are the responsibilities and duties that are expected from a VA:

  • Research work and data analysis
  • Advertising promotions, offline and online
  • Checking and answering emails
  • Handles customer calls
  • Can do basic website maintenance, SEO, content writing and the likes
  • Setting up arrangements such as travel, accounting, specialized business services and etc.
  • Bookkeeping, secretarial, publishing and editing services.

Being a VA also requires to have a flexible attitude. Moreover, with exceptional computer skills, organizing and planning skills as well executing complex instructions with initiative and minimal assistance.