SEO Fundamentals: The Power of Facebook Marketing

Posted by on September 17, 2012 in blog-post

Social media networks have been growing vastly and also have provided wider avenues most especially for the business industries. Facebook can be one of the most popular social media that’s been widely used not just for connecting people but as well utilized by business to reach millions of customers. The reason is that these social media networks have offered a lot of perks for the merchants to do their modern ways of trading.

When it comes to search engine marketing, integrating social media is one of the easiest means to do it. Since with a lot of people who are now engaging themselves in social media, it’s quite easy to promoting one’s business. Anyway, this article will help entrepreneurs out about the essential of doing Facebook Marketing when it’s all about advertising your business.

1. Become a Brand Ambassador

Create a business account for your own business. Never use your own personal account. You can actually use your own most especially for sharing latest updates about your business where your friends and colleagues can follow up. Remember to put all the necessary information about your business so people will know what your business is all about; most especially to your target customers.

2. Creating the Business Fan Page

Once having a business account, create a fan page that helps you promote your business circling around the social media platform. To be able to create one, you got to go to and click the “create page” button.

Make sure that your page name is the same name with your domain. One tip for absolute marketing strategy, your domain name should also contain the relevant keywords because it brings strongest ranking value.

3. Customizing the Business Fan Page

A. Design your page with great profile picture plus timeline cover. Make it more simple and attractive as well and make the most of it.

B. Fill out the page info with relevant information about your business. Use relevant keywords that are associated with your business because it really helps in attracting traffics not only to your fan page but as well to your main domain. It also can be indexed by search engines and make sure the contents of your fan page is search engine friendly.

C. Page Applications. There are many FB friendly applications that can be used to customize your Facebook fan page:

○ Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) – Allows you to create additional tabs for your FB page which can incorporate basic HTML/CSS, Flash, iframes and FBJS.
○ Networkedblogs – Allows you to posts RSS Atom feeds in your page wall.
○ Twitter Tab – Allows you to post your Twitter updates.
○ Extended Info App – Adds another box that supports HTML/CSS, multimedias like audios and videos.
○ Fan Appz and Promotions – Can support your page in handling contests and draws.

D. Fan Page Vanity URL Name can be gained once your fan page reach 25 Likes. Once you’ve gained 25 fans, you can set the name like

4. Post, upload and show what your business is all about. Market your services to your fans and customers. Show videos how your products will be used . You might also do a video response to your fans inquiries or when you are about to introduce new products, services or helpful guidelines in relevance to what your site is all about.

5. Encourage your fans to be interactive. How about considering on treating them in a contest? Make special offers available to your fans and you can actually reward them to be your enthusiastic brand ambassadors helping you boost your business’ popularity and this encourages more people. If you have a prominent fan, you can reward and give awards to him or her publicly.

6. Always make sure that you update your fans what’s been happening. When you send updates to your fans, make sure that it is something valuable like features of your business that can attract your fans’ attentions.

7. Make your fans advocate your business by letting them encourage their friends to Like your business page and share good posts and links.

Hopefully you have been enlightened on how Facebook is helpful when it comes to business promotions. So what are you waiting for? Apply these guidelines and surely you will reap what you sow. You can even innovate a lot of cool ways to promote your business via Facebook marketing as a complement to your search engine optimization efforts.

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