IT Outsourcing for Brand Building: 5 Integral Parts of Inbound Marketing

Posted by on March 12, 2015 in blog-post

Business Outsourcing Solutions

Whatever area of business, small companies now have a better chance at competing with bigger names – thanks to the Internet. Higher chances of such businesses at visibility is increased tenfold online. Of course, expanding online is only the first step. The next ones, including building a client base and building a brand, can be difficult, but certainly not insurmountable.

 Luckily, there are firms such as Business Outsourcing Solutions, that can help you every step of the way, beginning from helping to put together a website. Why? If you’re just starting out, you don’t want to focus too much on using outbound marketing to spread the word about you. Instead, you’ll want to use inbound marketing more.

 In general, the latter aims to attract audience by putting together and sharing content that naturally lines up with their interests and needs, drawing them towards a particular company. Since 2006, this form of marketing has proven more effective in an increasingly digital age.

 So how do you make sure you’re among those companies counted among those in the “successful” group? Here are several important parts of the whole process.

1. Knowing your market. Once you know whom you’re targeting, you or the outsourcing company’s content creators can put together articles that appeal directly to that particular group. It isn’t enough to write about your services or products. Knowing your market is the platform or foundation you’ll be building your content around.

2. Knowing your goals. Without clear direction, your efforts may well go every which-way, and very few will actually lead to desired results.

Do you want more website traffic, more conversions, social media engagement, or a mix of all three? Determine what you want. Only then can you and the outsourcing firm you’ve engaged come up with a proper strategy.

3. Being consistent. Leaving blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, or other social media accounts alone for a single day might counter any momentum you’ve built up. Feeds and search engines will also be less likely to filter your content if there’s inactivity.

It’s a good thing that hiring an outsourcing firm with social media specialists can help ensure constant activity, as far as Tumblr and other social media platforms are concerned.

4. Consolidating content. If you have content on your website by the time you’ve hired an outsourcing firm, they can help you figure out which pieces or articles are the most popular ones.

From there, they can take what’s in those articles and use them for a landing page or two. Afterwards, calls of action and other copy writing efforts can be focused on those pages where the “consolidated content” is found.

5. Tracking and analysis. Outsourcing firms know better than to put plans in motion and then fail to monitor them, let alone take a look at results and see whether said plans worked or not.

A good IT outsourcing firm knows how often to track and analyse, ensuring that the inbound marketing methods they’re using are adjusted or changed when needed.