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Posted by on February 18, 2014 in blog-post

If your business is all about product design then do not make the mistake of outsourcing anything related to developing your internal design talent or your design activities. Why? Because this is the very heart of your enterprise and as such, this is where you should focus your energy and resources on.

You need to take a hard long look at your company. See which tasks you consider as non-core yet necessary to keep your business up and running. For that, you have to consider an external provider that offers all the business outsourcing solutions you need to help you carry out the load.

Business Outsourcing Solutions

Other tasks you could delegate to capable business process outsourcing vendors are payroll, customer service, Information Technology related tasks and other business processes. Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing benefits both small and big businesses alike.

According to a CEO whose company has long been experiencing the advantages of outsourcing IT services, there are three general categories of the types of tasks that are best outsourced, namely: highly skilled, the highly repetitive, and the specialized knowledge categories.

  • Highly skilled– An experienced accountant falls under this category. Her services are needed to ensure that your bookkeeper is handling your books well. You don’t necessarily have to hire a full time in-house — this could be very expensive. By outsourcing such services in the Philippines, you could save a lot of money that could be spent for salaries. For the best part, you only pay for the service as you need it.

  • Highlyrepetitive– Tasks involving accounts — accounts payable, data entry and shipping inventory — would fall under this category. You would probably need a versatile Virtual Assistant who could perform all the above-mentioned tasks without the need for a full time staff.

  • Specializedknowledge– All your Information Technology needs fall under this category. As it is, hiring an IT expert is just too expensive. It is much easier and more convenient to change to an outsourced provider to fulfill your ever-changing needs in that department.

With that knowledge now stuck in your mind, of course you would immediately think of finding the right contractor. However, how do you find the right IT outsourcing services companies when there are countless of them proliferating on the web?

It is very important to work with reliable partners hence a sensible selection process must be in order. From around your network, you could get very good referrals from those who are currently into outsourcing mode. You can also make use of online networks, like LinkedIn and Twitter, if you want to ask for recommendations.

The latest trend today is to place ads on work-at-home website or to submit a formal request to a professional association or trade group. They will gladly come up with a nice recommendation for the perfect partner you are looking for.

Another tip when finding the right vendor providing the best business process outsourcing solutions is to get access to accurate information regarding the contractors you have in mind. You can check outsourcing sites to get feedback through client testimonials. Previous clients, whether satisfied or not, are most likely to post their rates on the services they have received. There are sites that also feature their company as well as staff profile. This should give you an idea of how an outsourcing provider conducts business.

However, before you even begin to contact your target contractors, make sure you already have established your need. This way, you will get the type of vendor that exactly matches your need. Who knows, the firm you will get specializes in speed but compromises quality.

When you have finally decided to outsource certain services, do not hesitate to contact us. We do not dwell on complicated matters. Rather, we make things simpler so you will better understand what outsourcing is and the tremendous benefits you get when you outsource it.