4 Common Mistakes Businessmen Should Avoid In Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

Posted by on February 11, 2015 in blog-post

Business Outsourcing Solutions

Whether within or out of the country, having a back-up, outsourced team that specializes in an intended, high-skilled work ultimately helps your business step towards its highest potential. Outsourcing provides for at least 45% of business growth, especially on smaller and start-up companies. It’s also the business model of some of the biggest contact centers in the world.

However, business process outsourcing solutions is not without its inherent faux pas. For smaller, start-up companies, it may be incredibly attractive to outsource work, but, dipping your foot into this business model is more complicated than what it presents on the outside. Hiring the right people is tantamount to getting the job right. Choosing the wrong ones is a roadblock for which the business may or may not survive.

Initially, the attraction to outsourcing is toward tremendous cost-cutting. First world countries that outsource to third world ones generally decrease their operations costs to at least 50%, while maintaining and even increasing revenues in both the short and long term.

Planning to outsource business process solutions? Here are some of the things you should avoid:

1. Outsourcing the wrong things.

What are the wrong things? Basically, these are the work essential and fundamental to your business. When you’re in the business of web developing, it’s healthy to play safe the first three to six months and not outsource foreign web developers. Find the best people in the area and start from there. Only outsource when you know you’ll have a rigid process to go through. Essentially, all the core things that your business do, should not be outsourced immediately.

2. Starting with the big guns.

Say, there is a big project or client you have, and your internal team has its hands full. You then decide to outsource. This is incredibly wrong. Having to outsource a big project is only feasible when you have established connection and trust with your outsourcing company. Especially when it’s your first time to outsource, the best option is to organize an internal team and outsource the rest. This way, you have physical control (to an extent) within the project.

3. Considering outsourcing as the remedy.

Don’t think of outsourcing as a problem-solver or an instant fix. It is not. Rather, think of it as an architecture, not a framework. Outsource when you need it, not because you can. Ultimately, when the time is right, outsourcing may present your business with the long term solutions, but, in the meantime, quit thinking of it as the ‘one that cures all’.

4. Outsourcing redundant jobs.

One of many mistakes that most companies commit when outsourcing, is to give out jobs which can be done by the internal workforce. Instead, outsource tasks which the company can’t do, not won’t do. Developing, producing, and retaining some internal people to perform additional jobs when you can, is healthier.

Another alarming thing is, businessmen think of outsourced jobs having higher standard levels. Truth is, it rarely does. Remember, you are outsourcing for one and one thing alone; to cut costs and be delivered the same quality of work your in-house team gives you, not beyond it. This is especially true to affordable search engine optimization services.